“We work with our local and international clients to meet their production, logistical and target market requirements, transforming our business processes to produce your made to spec, quality products.”

Kemet’s products are distributed on the local and international markets. Our bulk offering promises both quality that follows global specifications, and an ability to diversify our production capabilities to fit the needs of our bulk clients around the world.From taste to packaging, our products have the flexibility to meet clients’customization requirements, no matter their complexity, delivering customer satisfaction on every level.Our bulk and private label orders are designated for the local and international markets for use in production processes by some of the world’s leading chocolate brands.We work with our clients to streamline the logistical process of the product. Alongside our ability to diversify our product shapes, sizes and flavours, we are able to increase or decrease package volumes, meet individual branding requirements and country specific regulatory criteria for each of our clients.

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