When it comes to family packs, Mixy® is the champion with over 10 years of heritage in the market. Mixy® has quickly become a household favorite for the whole family. A variety of delicious flavors on our famous crispy and freshly baked Mixy® Pretzels offers an experience like no other. Not only is Mixy® one of the tastiest snacks out there, it’s also one of the healthiest being 96% fat free and fully baked. In addition, we always have our consumers’ well-being in mind, that’s why our pretzels are fully natural and we haven’t added anything artificial in terms of flavors, colors or even preservatives. That being said, it is the perfect snack for everyone. Our famous Mixy® display window offers you a sneak peek on all the goodness inside. Enjoy our Mixy family pack, which includes a medley of all the Kemet goodies. You’ll get all the shapes and flavors to tantalize your taste buds! Includes Small Knots, Large Knots, Sticks, Rods, Bites, and Pretzel Matrix, and comes in  Salt,  Chili,  Cheese, Ketchup and Baharatly.

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