Bulk Orders

We have the experience and capabilities to produce the right snack for you!

While our main ingredients – wheat flour, shortening, leavening agents, and salt – never vary, we keep a keen eye on changes in market preferences and can produce products and recipes to suit every taste. We rely heavily on our R&D team to keep us at the forefront of ever-changing tastes in the global snack market. Our extensive expertise and devotion to innovation have allowed us to continually introduce exciting, new products and flavor combinations. Along with our wide range of popular Dr. Bake products, we have developed and manufacture a variety of products for our larger clients based on their specifications.

We work with our bulk customers to create the right product for their needs – the right size, shape (length, thickness), and flavor. And, we’ll deliver your product just the way you want. We also provide private labelling and custom-sized packaging for bulks customers.

At Kemet, your satisfaction is our highest priority!